SEO Basics & Its Types


So your digital marketing agency has established itself in your areas of expertise – perhaps it’s paid advertising or social media marketing. Now you want to extend the range of services you offer clients to include search engine optimization (SEO).

However, it’s a highly technical field, and starting an in-house SEO team isn’t cheap! Google is making its algorithms increasingly complex; optimization has to become more complicated to compensate for it.

Instead of learning the complexities of search engine optimization or hiring experts in the field, you can turn to SEO outsourcing by a white-label SEO company. Your agency then puts your branding on the solution you sell to your clients.

The client gets good service, you keep the customer happy, and the company that provides the SEO gets paid, so everyone wins – here’s how it works.

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is about enhancing a website’s organic traffic by making it appear higher in unpaid search engine rankings, which attract far more clicks than any others (including paid results).

It begins with finding what keywords people use to search for a particular product and identifying which ones are used often enough to drive a good volume of business while not being so commonly used that the field of competitors is too large.

Content writers then craft content around these keywords, aiming at thick (long-form), high-quality, unique, and relevant content. Google increasingly takes these as indicators that your page provides value to searchers.

On-Page Optimization

White-label SEO creators will provide clear, engaging content that search engines can easily crawl. Keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions help search bots, while page structures such as headings, short paragraphs, and image alt tags make the viewing experience easier for humans.

Off-Page Optimization

Links from trusted, high-ranking sites to yours (or mentions of your brand) are a top indicator of quality to search engines. SEO outsourcing services use tactics such as identifying what type of content thought leaders in your space are likely to share or link to and the “old faithful” guest posts to create high-value backlinks to a site.

Google’s PageRank tool has consistently weighted links heavily when ranking search results.

Technical Optimization

We have already touched on some aspects of technical optimization, which covers all means of helping search engines index and crawl pages. Logical and relatively flat site structures with “money” pages near the top, XML sitemaps, correct page headers, and minimizing duplicate content all play a role.

SEO outsourcing providers ensure that vital criteria such as site security, load speed, user experience, and mobile responsiveness, which are increasingly relevant as more people search on mobile devices, are covered.

Local Optimization

Local SEO is essential if a business serves people in a geographically-defined community, for example, a pizza delivery service in Orlando or a plumbing company in Denver. In this case, keywords that target local searchers become essential.

White-Label SEO and Becoming an SEO Reselling Service

If your digital marketing agency wants to become an SEO reselling service, White Label SEO can give you wings to fly! Partner with our established white-label SEO team and expand your business the smart way. 


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