White Label Support

51Blocks vs Whitelabelseo.io

Decide which avenue is right for your business. Client-facing support vs fulfillment only. 


What are the differences between 51Blocks and Whitelabelseo.io?

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Account Manager Positioning Client-facing Fulfillment Only
Availability 2-4 hours avg. response time (M-F, normal business hours) 1 Business Day Turnaround
Strategic Support Dedicated Client Success Management Team, Operations Support, Sales Support for closing calls (see below!) Knowledge Base + Strategy Decks only
Approval Process Yes None. Fulfillment only is auto-approved to be implemented.
Monthly Reporting/Strategy Calls Yes None
Special Research Request 3-5 days on demand None
Dedicated Inbox & Branded Communication Yes No – support@adash.io will be used as our access point & communication.
Onboarding & Access Points We’ll reach out and follow up as needed. Partner responsibility to collect and follow up.
Expectations We’ll set & manage for every campaign & project. You set & manage.
Branded Reporting Yes No. aDash branding will be used for all reporting.

Additional Support at 51Blocks

Are you looking for additional client support? 

We hire the greatest people from all over the world at 51Blocks. To maintain quality and performance standards, we are committed to training our team in-house using our own methods and methodology. Managers, strategists, and specialists are assigned to each department. There are up to 6 pairs of eyes on one client’s campaign at any given moment. We work hard during the recruiting process to guarantee that 51Blocks is a diverse and inclusive environment for digital marketing professionals.

Our organization views all partnerships as a group. Multiple team members on the inside are supporting your client’s campaigns, and you have direct access to our leadership team for assistance with sales quotes and unique partnership procedures. Everything we do here is personalized to each client and partner for maximum success.

There are many eyes on the campaign surrounding each customer, each serving a different purpose. This ensures that no balls are dropped along the way and that we are always as proactive as possible in terms of meeting expectations and meeting goals.

Have you calculated the costs of running and supporting an in-house staff versus outsourcing to a client-facing vendor?


51Blocks White Label SEO Team

Sales Support​

Our sales team is here to assist you succeed every step of the way as you begin reselling our products. We have excellent sales representatives who will represent your company. They are pleased to assist you in obtaining our complete documentation, bids, and can even join you on a call to assist with closing.


How can they help you?

  • Sales quotes
  • Package structures
  • Sales collateral
  • Closing deals

Operations Support​

Direct interaction with our COO & Operations Manager is very vital when transitioning a large number of clients. We want to make the process as simple as possible, so please contact us if you have any questions or issues during the onboarding process. Brittany is also a fantastic resource if you run across any problems or speed bumps along the route.


How can they help you? 

  • Workflow support
  • Operations & onboarding planning 
  • Billing questions
  • Issues or concerns 

Client Success Managers​

Our Client Success Managers will serve as your and your client’s primary point of contact on all campaign review calls and/or general calls to cover any areas of need. This is a great function for helping to defuse any clients who may require education or expectation resets. This is one of the most valuable responsibilities you’ll be gaining through our collaboration because they handle the majority of direct client management.


How can they help you? 

  • Campaign questions
  • Client-facing management
  • Partnership check-ins 
  • Client concerns or questions

Customer Service Reps​

Customer Service Reps play a variety of roles at our company. We have members who handle all of your clients’ onboarding, as well as those that manage all of our white label inboxes. Depending on the situation, we’ll direct you to the appropriate individual to assist you. One of our main values is customer service.


How can they help you? 

  • Campaign questions
  • Client-facing management
  • Support tickets
  • Inbox support

Department Managers​

Department Managers play an important role in keeping our team working smoothly. Their primary responsibility is to keep weekly spot-checking of all campaigns, aid in high-level strategy, and educate our clients on the value of what we do on each campaign. In essence, they’re the oil to the machine that runs behind every campaign.


How can they help you? 
  • Strategic questions 
  • Campaign strategy education 
  • Access or asset requirements 

Account Managers​

Each campaign is supported by an individual strategist as well as a department-wide approach. 51Blocks has created a unique work environment in which learning from one another motivates the desire to provide the finest results for each client. At any given time, numerous eyes are assessing campaigns as a team to gain the greatest joint strategy viewpoints.


How can they help you? 
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign fulfillment
  • Reporting 

Does that sound good? Wait until you see the statistics... ​​

We’ve noticed a trend in retention throughout the 12 years we’ve been serving small businesses and agencies. The length of your engagement will be directly proportional to how you position your white label team. It is far superior to have the person who is in the trenches every day explain to your client the victories and losses, as well as strategy and trends, than to try to explain it yourself.

Our exception with longer collaborations where we are simply fulfilling and successful with retention is that our partner is also an expert in this field. So, if you’re confident in your ability to speak about what we’re working on and how we’ll reach our goals together, you might be able to overcome this obstacle.

We investigated positioning and cancellation relations at our agency from January 2022 and discovered the same issue across the board. Non-client facing accounts, particularly those with a smaller customer base and budget, struggled to keep clients for more than 90 days. Our partners who put us on the front lines to educate, set and manage expectations, and save any client who isn’t recognizing the value of the service had a client LTV that was roughly three to four times longer on average.


Overall Findings​

  • Partners who used our client-facing support had a cancellation rate of less than 8%.
  • Out of the 8%, those clients were engaged over 12+ months.
  • 75% of smaller agencies with no strategic experience and who did not use our client-facing help had a 1-3 month churn.
  • The majority of cancellations with low-tier spending cycled four times faster than those with realistic budgets.
  • Smaller firms signing on without client platforms or assets ready to go resulted in 100% of campaigns never getting started.