White Label SEO for Agencies
[2023 Pricing]

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We wanted to make whitelabelseo.io as simple as possible, so we did. There is only one price point. If you believe your campaign requires more than one campaign (for example, a lawyer in Chicago), you should purchase two or three of them and we will boost our labor. This is our tried-and-true strategy, which has resulted in 20-40% YoY lead growth for practically all of our clients. We also have custom jobs per month because no two sites are the same.

White label SEO agencies

Our agencies often charge a monthly fee, with pricing ranging according to the extent and complexity of the services offered. Prices for small to medium-sized enterprises can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month on average, and can be higher for larger companies or more demanding projects. 

Some agencies may additionally charge extra costs for services like keyword research or content production. 

Our white label SEO pricing is simple. Over the next 6-9 months, our goal is to boost your client’s search exposure and organic traffic to the site. This basic plan is appropriate for most small cities. We’ll be able to take care of more each month if we bring on more.

Our Recommendations

Rural Areas
of 50k-200k pop
Order 1 plan
Urban Areas
of 200k-500k
Order 2 plans
Metropolitan Areas
of 500k-1.5M pop
Order 3 plans

A large part of this initial SEO Strategy will be to take care of the foundational SEO tasks that will bring value to the site for many years to come. By targeting the right keywords, maintaining site health, and building authoritative content for the site, we will establish your client as a trusted leader in their industry.

TL:DR: Simple pricing. Need more work done in 1 month. Order 2 or 3!

Have your own SOP? We’re happy to review and take that as well! Let us know if you prefer just execution on your own SOP and we’ll give you a custom pricing option. 

White Label SEO for Agencies: Service Overview

Tasks will be determined by a custom audit. Monthly recurring tasks may include citations, content, or link building/management. 
Additional tasks may also include: 


  • Campaigns should be committed to for 6-9 months in order to see 20-40% more leads YOY with our recommended budget.
  • Current GMB bans or poor quality backlink construction may necessitate a clean-up process prior to the roadmap’s planned path taking effect.
  • Rankings change on a daily basis. Ranking growth should be measured on a monthly basis rather than weekly or daily.
  • A unique campaign is required for each GMB listing.
  • Content will be determined by the client’s ranking silos and written with E-E-A-T best practices in mind.
  • All access points (GMB, GA, GSC, and website) must be shared during the onboarding call, else implementation may be delayed.
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How much should I charge my clients?

SEO services cost might vary substantially based on the industry and the individual needs of the firm. Here are some broad suggestions for how much a business in a specific industry should anticipate to pay for SEO services:
for small local companies
(such as a restaurant or hair salon)
Monthly fees for e-commerce sites
for service-based enterprises
(such as a legal company or dentist)
Businesses at the enterprise
It is important to note that these are only estimates; the final cost will depend on the breadth and complexity of the work necessary. Furthermore, some SEO businesses may charge on a project basis or offer a la carte services, allowing you to pick and choose the services you require. 

What is the best way to report the value of SEO?

The ideal technique to report SEO value depends on the unique goals and KPIs that are essential to your company. However, some common methods for reporting SEO value include:
Organic traffic
Organic traffic
is the number of visitors to your website who arrived via organic search results. It can represent an increase in visibility and reach and is an excellent indicator of how well your site performs in search engines.
Keyword Tracking
Keyword Tracking
The ranking of individual keywords might indicate how well your site performs for those terms and how well it is optimized for them.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

This indicator counts the number of visitors to your website who complete a desired activity, such as making a purchase or completing a contact form. An increase in conversion rate can suggest that your SEO efforts are directing more relevant traffic to your website.
Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate
This metric calculates the percentage of visitors who abandon your site after just seeing one page. A reduced bounce rate can suggest that your SEO efforts are bringing in more engaged visitors.
The amount of backlinks, or links from other websites pointing to your site, might indicate your website’s perceived authority and trustworthiness.
SEO report tool
SEO report tool
We provided you with a customizable SEO report building tool for each campaign to create reports you can share with your clients!
If you are looking for a custom strategy and support to speak with your clients or have a client facing team, check out our sister company 51blocks.com.

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Small Business

Industry: Senior Living
We Increased phone calls by 450% and
decreased their CPA by approx 40%