The Ultimate White Label SEO Kickstarter Plan

We'll setup your client's foundation for ongoing success.

Not ready to embark on a full campaign for SEO? Maybe you just need some fine-tuning? Take advantage of this one-time scope that will lay a strong foundation for future SEO campaigns while capturing some good low hanging fruit opportunities.

You sell. We Fulfill. No White Label Setup Required.

“ has been the best way for me to quickly close deals and show value right away without committing to a white label contract or

-AJ Bryant



increase in phone calls!



more conversions!



increase in GMB actions!

Auto Shop


increase in conversions!

Law Office


increase in conversions!

Veterinary Clinic


increase in SEO traffic!

You sell. We Fulfill. No White Label Setup Required.
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White Label SEO Kickstarter Plan

Work will be based around the SEO goals. Our plan is to work on foundation tasks that can lead to some quick wins.
Your kickstarter plan will include:

Let’s make this a win-win!

SEO is like building a house. It takes a strong foundation to ensure it lasts for years. Most site owners don’t realize, there are some easy wins you can achieve with the basic SEO building blocks. The kickstarter plan was developed to help with baseline SEO tasks that help support ongoing work.
This product may be right for you if….
  1. You want to give some extra power to an existing SEO strategy.
  2. You don’t want to engage in a long-term SEO plan or commitment, but want to take care of some SEO work for clients.
  3. You are an agency currently in need of a low value entry point into your ascension model for recurring plans. 
This product is not right for you if…
  1. You’re expecting page 1 rankings, tons of traffic, or leads from a one-time SEO optimization. 
  2. You have no website or access for us to optimize/implement our work. 
  3. You are looking for support with task explanation or client management. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding is quick and easy at Once you checkout you’ll fill out a quick intake form. From there we’ll get you all setup in your new dashboard and send you logins to access the information anytime you need it!

We will execute against a 30 day cycle for this plan. The work will begin shortly after onboarding and you’ll be able to check in via your dashboard anytime you desire an update or need information.

We generally say to just double our pricing as the easiest way to sell. $199 plan can easily be sold for a $400 kickstarter at your agency.

Because the kickstarter is not a robust plan, we suggest hopping on a call with your clients to discuss the opportunity for a recurring SEO campaign. You will be provided the first months work to cover along with the research to support the ongoing efforts. If you’re looking for our suggestion on a plan or hours, you can reach out to us! If you’re looking for full sales support and more comprehensive plans, we suggest visiting our sister company which is an all-in-one drop service white label solution (we’ll even handle all the client emails!).

Every client will have a unique baseline so this will be our starting point to determine exact deliverables. We will ensure everything is audited for a health check on the initial pass using our SEO audit tool.

You will be able to access your task dashboard at any time to see a number of our audits, research, and tracking systems. From here you can pull out and create reports on any of the information you would like to share with clients.

Medical Practice

11 top 3 rankings in 90 days! Read More


3 Rich Snippets in 6 months!


46% Increase in organic traffic!

Setup Timeline

How much should I charge my clients?

SEO services cost might vary substantially based on the industry and the individual needs of the firm. Here are some broad suggestions for how much a business in a specific industry should anticipate to pay for SEO services:
for small local companies
(such as a restaurant or hair salon)
Monthly fees for e-commerce sites
for service-based enterprises
(such as a legal company or dentist)
Businesses at the enterprise
It is important to note that these are only estimates; the final cost will depend on the breadth and complexity of the work necessary. Furthermore, some SEO businesses may charge on a project basis or offer a la carte services, allowing you to pick and choose the services you require. 

What is the best way to report the value of SEO?

The ideal technique to report SEO value depends on the unique goals and KPIs that are essential to your company. However, some common methods for reporting SEO value include:
Organic traffic
Organic traffic
is the number of visitors to your website who arrived via organic search results. It can represent an increase in visibility and reach and is an excellent indicator of how well your site performs in search engines.
Keyword Tracking
Keyword Tracking
The ranking of individual keywords might indicate how well your site performs for those terms and how well it is optimized for them.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

This indicator counts the number of visitors to your website who complete a desired activity, such as making a purchase or completing a contact form. An increase in conversion rate can suggest that your SEO efforts are directing more relevant traffic to your website.
Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate
This metric calculates the percentage of visitors who abandon your site after just seeing one page. A reduced bounce rate can suggest that your SEO efforts are bringing in more engaged visitors.
The amount of backlinks, or links from other websites pointing to your site, might indicate your website’s perceived authority and trustworthiness.
SEO report tool
SEO report tool
We provided you with a customizable SEO report building tool for each campaign to create reports you can share with your clients!
If you are looking for a custom strategy and support to speak with your clients or have a client facing team, check out our sister company

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Small Business

Industry: Senior Living
We Increased phone calls by 450% and
decreased their CPA by approx 40%