Pricing White Label SEO Reseller Packages as a Service

pricing-a-white-label-seo reseller packages -as-a-service

Adding a white-label SEO service to your business is an excellent way to expand your offering while investing minimal time and resources. But how do you package it to your clients?

Here’s a quick guide to presenting your White-Label SEO Reseller Packages so your clients will jump at the opportunity!

Who Are You Offering Your White Label SEO Reseller Packages To?

You should offer different packages depending on the client’s needs and means. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Small Local Companies

Small businesses have less to spend on these services, and you’ll have a hard time persuading them to invest thousands each month into a growth campaign.

$500-$2,000 is a ballpark figure for smaller companies. Businesses with plans for rapid expansion may be willing to pay more.

E-Commerce Businesses

E-commerce companies are already invested in establishing themselves on Google’s front page. They’ll expect fees upward of $1,000, and for the most ambitious operations, you may be able to charge as much as $3,500, depending on requirements.

Larger Services

Established businesses in competitive fields will pay more for SEO if they understand the challenges of achieving a high SERP position in their industry. This should be a key part of your pitch.

These businesses include legal offices, healthcare practitioners, and software services. Pricing ranges from around $2,500 per month to as high as $7,500.

Enterprise Clients

Enterprise-level businesses allocate substantial resources to their digital marketing budgets – they’ve worked hard to achieve their position, and they’re not about to give it up.

You can expect to charge at least $5,000 per month for enterprise clients. The most competitive will pay upward of $20,000.

Selling Your White-Label SEO Package: Deliverables

It’s not all about price – it’s what the money buys. Here are the key deliverables to pitch as part of your white-label SEO package.

Organic Growth

A demonstrable increase in web traffic is proof that your strategy works. Build case studies on successful clients and use these as proof that your service works.


Sales are the ultimate metric for many businesses. Show that you can improve a business’s conversion rate, and they’ll have every reason to work with you.

Bounce Rate

Every online business lives in fear of a high bounce rate. Show how you can reduce it, from relevant internal linking to faster loading times.

Backlink Acquisition

A white-label SEO company will focus on acquiring backlinks for clients, establishing them as an authoritative site. This provides long-lasting benefits.

Again, it pays to make case studies of successful backlinking campaigns to prove that your method works.

Keyword Tracking

This is one of the easiest and most immediate deliverables – show how your white-label SEO service has improved your client’s SERP performance. Track keywords and show your clients that healthy, steady upward curve.

Getting Your White-Label SEO Service Up and Running

We’re a leading full-service white-label SEO company, and we’re ready to delight your clients with the perfect augmentation to your current package. Our service includes a custom report-building tool to help you show your clients that your white-label SEO reseller packages are worth every penny.

Get in touch for a full consultation!


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