What is the Difference Between White Label SEO and Private Label SEO?

what is white label seo and-private-label-seo

So What Is White Label SEO?

It might not seem like there is one, but that isn’t the whole story. Some firms offer a white label SEO services experience, while others aim for a top-shelf private label experience.

Read on to learn why you should demand a private label relationship with your white label SEO company!

The Difference Between Private and White Labels

The difference between private and white labels is subtle but essential to understand. In a white label relationship, a company produces an unbranded product that a supplier can buy and slap their name on. They don’t get any input into how the product is made.

For instance, a bread maker might make loaves of bread under a brand name but also use the same recipe to make loaves under another brand. It’s the same bread; the only thing that changes is the bags.

A private label is different. Suppose your company wants to sell a particular product but lacks manufacturing capacity. In that case, you can hire a firm to make that product to your specifications.

The house brands in places like Wal-Mart or CVS are private labels. The chains didn’t make the product, but they had direct, substantive input into how it was made.

Marketing is a Whole New Ball Game

SEO isn’t a loaf of bread or a bottle of lotion, though. It’s a way of writing that needs to fit your company’s needs and gels with the local SEO trends in your area.

Some agencies follow a white label SEO company structure. They offer a product that’s more or less the same whether you’re a realtor in Phoenix or a contractor in Vermont. They don’t take notice of your particular needs or goals, so their products follow a general, one-size-fits-all pattern.

However, SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. When you decide to outsource some of your marketing, you need a genuine private label-style relationship with your contractor firm. It’s in your company’s best interests for you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to what’s in the final draft.

Why Do You Want a Private Label-Style Experience?

While white label SEO services aren’t different from private label SEO services, you need to make sure your relationship is more of the latter.

If your firm is developing a campaign for you, how much input do you have into it? Do they offer you a dedicated account manager that takes the time to answer your questions? What is white label SEO according to their standards?

Look for a firm with an established intake process that gets to know your business, the local SEO in your geographic region, and your short and long-term goals. And look for one that offers easily understandable data about how your articles and campaign as a whole are doing.

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