Things You Should Know to Resell SEO in 2023

things-you-should-know-to- resell seo -in-2023

Looking to resell SEO this year? Who wouldn’t?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly complicated. Companies that implemented SEO from the beginning and learned as it evolved have an advantage over those starting now who have to learn it all from scratch.

SEO has evolved into more than just keywords and blog posts. It has spread to web development, social media, and beyond. There are also key differences between white label and private label.

Keep reading for a full rundown of these distinctions, as well as tips on what is required to resell SEO in 2023.

White Label SEO

This type usually follows a standardized format that can be suitable for a variety of businesses, but you can also find a white label SEO reseller that specializes in a particular business type.

Reselling the more standardized SEO can be compared to selling standardized physical products. The product is manufactured and then sold under a different brand name. The only difference is that one is physical, and one is digital. 

It’s up to the agency to produce the plan or a series of plans which another company repackages and finds end-user clients.

Private Label SEO

This type is not standardized but rather customized to the buyer’s specifications. There are other differences, but that is the primary one. It is much like hiring an architect to design and build a custom home versus choosing an established design. 

Private label offers a personalized touch that standardization usually doesn’t. The ability to sit down with an agent and create a specific plan for the needs of that business is what drives companies to private brands. If a unique outcome is needed, a unique plan must be implemented.

The Evolution

A reseller knows that more and more end users want the benefits of both types, so the SEO reseller has to be able to offer the uniqueness and personal service that comes with a private label when it comes time to resell.

Because of the evolution of search engine optimization and the increased impact of federal law, it is essential to find a solid agency from which to resell SEO that meets the client’s needs and follows all the relevant federal guidelines.

The company that acts as the brand for the white label SEO reseller will be tasked with ensuring the client’s needs are met by providing that private-label service. An agent must act as the liaison to ensure all requirements are met and all guidelines are followed.

In Conclusion

From a product standpoint, there is little to no difference between selling bed sheets, lamps, bread, or search engine optimization. The ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the client by creating a way to add a private, custom feel to a standardized product.

With the recent surge of SEO resellers, white label producers have been required to evolve as well by offering more than a one size fits all product. They have seen fit to customize; now it is up to the reseller to find the right match for their customers.

If you’re interested in giving white label SEO a shot, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!


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