White Label SEO Pricing

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We wanted to keep whitelabelseo.io simple, so we did.  One price point.  If you feel like your campaign needs more than 1 campaign (think lawyer in Chicago), you should buy 2 or 3 of this and we will increase our work.  This is our tried and true plan that has brought 20-40% YoY lead growth to nearly all of our clients.  We also have custom tasks per month since not every site is the same.

Our goal is to increase your client’s search visibility and organic traffic to the site over the next 6-9 months. This basic plan suits most small population cities. By adding on more we’ll be able to take care of more each month. 

Our Recommendations:  

  • Low (Rural Areas of 50k-200k pop.) = Order 1 plan
  • Medium (Urban Areas of 200k-500k pop.) = Order 2 plans
  • High (Metropolitan Areas of 500k-1.5M pop.) = Order 3 plans

A large part of this initial SEO Strategy will be to take care of the foundational SEO tasks that will bring value to the site for many years to come. By targeting the right keywords, maintaining site health, and building authoritative content for the site, we will establish your client as a trusted leader in their industry.

TL:DR: Simple pricing. Need more work done in 1 month. Order 2 or 3!

SEO Scope Overview

Tasks will be determined by a custom audit. Monthly recurring tasks may include citations, content (500 words), or link building/management. 

Additional tasks may also include: 

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  • Campaigns should carry a 6-9 month commitment to see 20-40% more leads YOY with our recommended budget. 
  • Current GMB suspensions or poor quality backlink building may result in a clean-up process prior to the set course in the roadmap taking place.
  • Rankings shift daily. Ranking growth should be looked at in a monthly timeline, rather than weekly or daily.
  • Multiple GMB listings require a separate campaign.
  • Agencies under 5 clients are required to follow the set course of our plans without customization.
  • All-access points (GMB, GA, GSC, & website) will need to be shared by the onboarding call or you may experience delays with implementation.

Setup Timeline

  • Day 1 – Checkout & Virtual Onboarding
  • Day 5 – Setup tasks complete & campaign tasks begin
  • Day 15 – about ½ of our task work is done by this time for the month
  • Day 30 – Our work is just about complete for this monthly cycle
  • Day 35 – Monthly report is sent over 

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